XATU has two items gained separately the secondary prize of National Teaching Achievement in 2009 and 2014.

In last ten years, XATU gained 22 items of the provincial teaching achievement prize, continuously the top prize for the campus cultural excellence achievement of Shaanxi province for seven years, the innovative awarding for propaganda thinking & culture of Shaanxi province in 2014. The university had been the experimental college for comprehensive reform on undergraduate innovative ability of Shaanxi province since 2012, the base on innovation and entrepreneurship for cultivation and practice of colleges of Shaanxi province, and the experimental college of educational reform on innovation and entrepreneurship of high education of  Shaanxi province since 2016, the model college of deepening reform on innovation and entrepreneurship for colleges and universities of Shaanxi province since 2017.

For a long term, XATU focused on building the team and platform so as to enhance capability of scientific innovation. It possesses one national-local centre for engineering research, one national-local lab for engineering research, one base on international scientific research, one key lab of Ministry of Education, 17 bases on provincial-ministerial research, and two teams for key scientific innovation of Shaanxi province. XATU has possessed the ability to undertake major scientific research projects in disciplines of optical advanced manufacturing, special processing, new lightweight alloy materials with high performance,  test and control technology. At present, XATU has undertaken over one thousand of projects from Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, National Natural Science Fund, National Office of Social Science Plan, and so on. A number of scientific achievements owning its intellectual property rights have played important roles in building the country. In the last 3 years, the school gained one secondary prize for National Sci. & Tech. Progress, and about 30 for the province-ministry. The school has enlarged the combination in industry-instruction-research, has been the experimental unit for innovation in colleges of Shaanxi province, and has gained the national innovative prize for cooperation of industry-instruction-research in 2017.

XATU has employed 485 faculties with senior titles. Two of them gained the honored titles of ‘National Excellent Teacher’ and ‘National Advanced Teacher in Ethic’. The school has possessed a great number of excellent scholars and experts, among them, four experts for the national ‘Thousand Talents’ plan, seven special professors for ‘Hundred Talents’ plan of Shaanxi province, one special professor for ‘Qin Scholar’ plan, 79 chair professors for ‘XATU Scholars’, 14  teachers for honored titles of ‘Distinguished Teacher’ of Shaanxi province, 15 experts for special government allowances under the state council, 13 experts for ‘Sanqin talent allowance’, 4 candidates for the provincial ‘three-five talents programme’, one top talent for the provincial focus field, and one talent for the provincial ‘four batches programme’.

        Since implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan, XATU has realized the great development in all of undertakings. In 2011, XATU was confirmed as one of high-qualified universities which the government of Shaanxi province focused on building. In 2013, XATU gained the authorization of awarding doctoral degree. In 2014, XATU was approved to found the center for post-doctoral research. In 2015, the college gained the secondary prize for National Scientific Progress, and the quality management system authentication. In 2016, XATU gained the co-construction of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government and National Bureau of Science and Industry.

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